Government Round Table Event (preview) 

Dig a little deeper into how solutions built the AxonIQ way can make you and your IT Team heroes.

Gov Roundtable Marc van Andel, Kadaster social DRAFT w subtitles

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About our Speakers


Marc van Andel (Guest)
Solution Architect Kadaster
Marc is a Software Developer disguised as an IT Architect at Kadaster. Marc has developed several applications at Kadaster mainly on the Java stack. He has a strong feeling for structure and patterns and is always on the lookout for patterns that can make life easier. And easy means simple to him although simple doesn't mean easy most of the time. For the Code Registration of Land Administration Marc introduced the Event Sourcing concepts and guided the teams to develop the new system.
Andy Whitaker (Guest)
Software Engineer/Architect State of Indiana
Software Engineer and Architect helping teams transition to DevOps and event sourced/event-driven microservices on Kubernetes
Allard Buijze
Chief Technology Officer @AxonIQ
Allard Buijze is the Founder and CTO of AxonIQ and creator of Axon Framework. He is on a mission to make implementations of large-scale systems easier, using the concepts of Domain-Driven Design, Command-Query Responsibility Segregation, and Event-Driven Architectures. Allard is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetups and enjoys giving training to fellow developers and architects.
Ben Wilcock
Director Product Marketing @AxonIQ
Ben helps companies build stronger developer relationships with the people who use their software. He's technical, often writing code, but also helps to shape products, build websites, write blogs, produce videos, and deliver digital content. You may even hear him speak at conferences such as SpringOne, VMWorld, Devoxx, MS Build, GOTO, etc. He's known for sharing his insights, supporting salespeople, talking to clients, helping with events, and putting the word out on social media.