Why AxonIQ Cloud?

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  • Pay as you go
    AxonIQ Cloud lets you pay as you go and does not require a license. You are billed for each message you use, and the more you use, the cheaper it gets. More extensive plans include an additional daily cost.
  • Fully managed service
    AxonIQ Cloud is a managed solution; all the infra-like instances are managed by AxonIQ, using our team's tools and best practices. You can focus on developing your perfect application while we take care of the rest.
  • Stay on top
    Use the statistics page to gauge your message usage and costs. Our payment page allows the admins to have an up-to-date view of the costs involved and make any adjustments necessary.
  • Secure access from anywhere
    No need to worry about security or network! Having Axon Server as a managed solution brings you a lot of benefits. 
  • Easy to use and develop
    A few clicks, and you can start using AxonIQ Cloud. No need to set up Axon Server, so you can easily manage and develop your Axon applications.



AxonIQ Cloud supports different user roles:
  • Admin role allows the creation of workspaces and contexts and access to every aspect of AxonIQ Cloud.
  • Developer can create workspaces and contexts.
  • Viewer has only permission to view spaces and contexts.



In AxonIQ Cloud, you can create multiple workspaces in which you connect your application and create contexts. Every workspace owner is automatically an Admin in that space. It is possible to invite users to your workspace and assign them roles. Additionally, it is easy to remove users, transfer ownership, and delete workspaces.

Enterprise Ready  _  Purpose-built for Axon Framework applications


AxonIQ Cloud uses bounded contexts. There are two types of contexts: free and paid contexts. A new context on AxonIQ Cloud will automatically have its own dedicated directory.



Admins have access to the Statistics page. This page displays the number of messages sent and received and the number of events stored and retrieved.

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How to use Axon Cloud Console

For starters, you should create an account on https://cloud.axoniq.io and authorize yourself by using your Google or Github accounts. After that, you can create an account by adding your personal details and agreeing to the terms and conditions. When clicking the continue [...]