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The value of AxonIQ

When you use Axon Framework to develop message-driven applications, you need a messaging platform and an event store. Using different off-the-shelf tools to build your environment will consume much time from your best people. AxonIQ created "The Perfect Match" with AxonIQ Console, Axon Server, and AxonIQ Cloud to deliver the best companions to Axon Framework and save you operational work, time, and money. Below are a few examples of challenges AxonIQ solves daily.



Does your event-driven application scale? Really?
It is not just about events, your database, or your cloud.
Scalability is essential for meeting the demands of a growing business, optimizing costs, ensuring a positive user experience, and staying competitive in the dynamic landscape of enterprise technology. Axon products were designed to meet the challenges of fast-growing and large enterprise organizations.
We compared the old and new situation and saw a 2400% performance gain using Axon.”
Shopey Mossavar-Rahmani
Senior Principal Software Engineer,
Large Swedish furniture retailer
A 2400% performance increase explained
Location transparency explained
By Milen Dyankov
Migrating to Axon Server: A customer story
With Ben Runchey
The case for Axon Server over MongoDB for your event store
By Ben Runchey
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NoSQL and SQL - we might have a better solution for your event store
By Ralf Pelz
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Is your application auditable? Really?
It is not just about a history table or CDC.
Auditability is crucial for promoting transparency, accountability, compliance with regulations, fraud prevention, process improvement, informed decision-making, investor confidence, risk management, and stakeholder trust. Organizations prioritizing auditability are better positioned to thrive in the competitive business landscape. The key to this is event-sourcing, realized by Axon.
Our auditor never saw such a good process and tech stack. The transparency and speed of audit trails we could provide was beyond anything they had ever seen.”
Leon van Dooren
Managing Partner, Linckr
How Linckr satisfied the auditors using AxonIQ.
By Leon van Dooren
The journey from a mighty Monolith to a distributed system at Barclaycard.
By Prem Chandrasekaran
Auditability in transactional processing
By AxonIQ
The value of simplifying your audits
By Ralf Pelz


Can you predictably and efficiently add new features to your enterprise application? Really?
It is not just about “Agile” or microservices.
Flexibility in the transition from a monolithic application to a microservices-based architecture is essential for scalability, agility, fault isolation, easier maintenance, and improved team autonomy. This adaptability empowers organizations to meet evolving business needs, enhance development speed, and efficiently manage complex systems.
Embracing Axon for our event-driven microservices environment has been a game-changer for us. Its flexibility is unparalleled, allowing our business to effortlessly adapt and innovate."
Tom Clabon
Senior Principle Software Architect, iManage
Monolith to Microservices with Axon
By Frederic Bouvet
Multitenancy with Axon
By Stefan Dragisic
Journey to building a robust multi-region application
By Tom Clabon
How dumb do you want your pipes to be?
By Gerard Klijs
Business value calculator
By Ralf Pelz

Business Focus

Does your team spend the majority of their time on business functionality? Really?
Are they not wasting time on technical issues?
Focus on the business side of a project is often delayed due to setting up the technical infrastructure. In many cases, this work is done by the best people in the company. Wouldn't it be nice to start immediately, not waste valuable resources, and use an established off-the-shelf solution?
Thanks to Axon Framework and Axon Server, we could focus on the business logic and not worry about technicalities.”
Laurent Thoulon
Senior Lead Engineer, Locala
Why I regret not embracing Axon Server sooner
By Mitchell Herrijgers
Customer brief Locala
By Laurent Thoulon
Focus on business value
By Christian Vermorken
Starting your first PoC, immediately.
By Henk Nijenhuis
Business value calculator
By Ralf Pelz

Machine Learning

Does your application provide your AI with the correct data? Really?
Are your valuable data scientists wasting their time on being data jockeys?
Emphasizing the significance of data analysis over raw data, advocating for event sourcing to generate immutable logs. These logs serve various purposes, including auditing and informing business decisions. Event sourcing allows mapping a canonical model to multiple query models for effective data preparation. It is crucial for providing quality input to machine learning models, ensuring data consistency, real-time updates, predictive insights, and dynamic adaptation.
When it comes to sophisticated AI-use cases (e.g., reinforcement AI), event-sourcing shines. With Axon Server and Axon Synapse, you have excellent software to build this.”
Ferhat Ayaz
Senior AI Software Consultant, Holisticon
Event sourcing and machine learning with Python and Axon Server
By AxonIQ
How event sourcing supercharges machine learning model training
By Stefan Dragisic
Connect Python and Axon Server with Axon Synapse
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